Thursday, May 31, 2007

the good old times

DG for life, sike!
This picture is just wrong. We found this monkey in Africa on a leash with a sucker? Didn't even know they had suckers in Africa
That's Amanda above a waterfall
Amanda creepin

the NYC cowboy is still going strong in time square
I did love that dog even though he was fugly

Josh in all his glory

My mom pulled me and Amanda out of bed to witness my aunt giving birth. Lets just say that I was absent the day of "the miracle of birth" in health class. Whoever said that "ignorance is bliss" is smokin because I didn't know what was in store for us. It totally freaked me out. However, before the birth we had lots, and I mean lots of time on our hands...

No little sisters. Need I say more? Our little bro and cuz were our dress up dolls. If either ends up gay, I will take full responsibility.

Friday, May 25, 2007

prodigy poodle

The Houston stadium rocks. We call it the melting pot because it takes little things from other cities like the choo choo train running along the top edge.

Rusty is Adams new best friend. She likes him better than me.. hmm. Rusty gets props because her vocabulary is better than a fifth grader. She can now read lips.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The tropical Texas

When you heard "Texas" you probably thought "cactus" right?

I don't think so. This place is seriously like a rain forest. We got all kinds of tropical bugs, deadly fire ants, aggressive water moccasin snakes and my personal favorite, frogs. This little frog was on our front window yesterday. Get this... The other day, I saw THE biggest spider in the world creepin in our house. Adam ran over and smashed it with a shovel. Thousands, and I mean thousands of babies ran for the hills everywhere all over our porch. It was one of the dirtiest things I have ever seen. Just think, those babies are going to grow up to be monsters

Sunday, May 13, 2007

simple light hanging

Jessica I thought you might like this. A lot of Moroccan homes have simple light hangings like this. I like it.

Mexico with Mancub

Top 5 things about Mexico with mancub(amanda and cubby this is your new name)

1. Peta Peta Pumpkin eata - If you EVER go to Cozumel, do not be a sucker like us and get tricked by a local to attend a realestate semenar. It was unreal. This man with really really big hands with miracle grow shiny hair was our seller. Be prepared to spend 5 hours of your life. He kept on saying phrases we had never heard before, "Slam dunk!" "Hole in one!"

2. xel ha - paradise for people who like lazy rivers and all day buffets.

3. Sneaking into highroller joints because our dive doesn't have a pool

4. Amanda getting really sick from tacos

5. Swans sculpted from towels to form a heart on the hotel beds.

I want this dog

Amanda was sick for like two days straight and didn't leave her bed.
I saw Amanda taking pictures of animals, so here is my attempt. It didn't turn out so coo

See that white thing in the distance that might resemble a napper van? One day I will have a car just like that to travel in. I totally swooned when I saw it.

I think I'm going to regret posting this picture, but the heart towel swan had to be seen. Check out those sweat pits

rozelles freezer

grandma seems to always run out of space in her freezer. Its such the mystery. She has one freezer in her kichen, and two in her little kitchen (including the one that resembles a coffin). The way she packs everything in like a puzzle reminds me of a college sculpture project.
I took the last picture because I liked the pattern of light.

Friday, May 11, 2007

50 hours of driving later...

Where Do I start... Adam and I returned from Europe embarking on another adventure to build a studio on our land in Idaho. After ordering house books, getting settled and meeting with contractors, the home owners association wouldn't let us build a studio. There are size requirements and rules to keep people like us out strolling in with a moter home. That means more money saved before building our house. Adam broke the news to me. I was heartbroken because nothing seemed more ideal than living in our house. He tried everything to make me happy, offering to buy me that mountain bike, or new clothes. Adam picked up the phone and called about our Houston home to see if it was still available( we almost bought an investment house in Dec., but chickened out at the last moment.) She said she would give us the original asking price if, and only if, we were to close the house within 6 days. That meant driving 12 hours from Idaho, loading up the Uhaul and driving another 30 hours to Houston. So here we are. Never thought Adam and I would stop living out of suitcases and sadly enough, I really did miss my stuff in storage. You might ask, "why Houston?" to be honest, I don't know. Cheap houses and a prime travel hub. This is outside our front doors in Cocolalla a couple of weeks ago.

On our drive through Colorado, we stopped at the highest point of the world. There was like 5 feet of snow outside my door. Arby's gave me a bad run of food poisoning and I kept on throwing up over the edge of the truck. But atlas, there is the Uhaul with Rex.

One more thing.. if you look at Amandas blog and think that knitting is fun and fast, think again. I thought that this road trip would be a good time to knit a scarf. right? After thirty hours of straight knitting my hands were in a permanent crippled position.