Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Its done...

My Art Website is finally done!!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

underwater pics

Here are some of my snapshots from down under. I took a million pics,s but most of my underwater pics didn't work. Oh man!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

What a rig

You would think that getting scuba certified in Mexico would be dreamy right? Umm... It was the biggest rig ever. Our instructor was the biggest stickler, he worked us like dogs. The first day, I seriously almost froze after doing drills in a freezing cold pool for 10 hours. The pool was the dirtiest thing I've ever seen, Gilles calls them "hairy monsters" and I don't even want to know what was living in that germ infested pee pool. We found a floating turd at the bottom. So dirty!!! The second day, we went straight to the ocean to do some diving and more drills. We kept on seeing helicopters circling us and rescue boats creepin, and all the Mexican peeps on the boat are like whispering to each other. They finally fess up that just two days prior, six divers went down and only three came back up. Oh really.
So if the drills weren't enough, every night we had to study until our eyes would sting. Gilles all told us that we had to get an 85% to pass, but we found out after the test he was lying. That little rat. The third day, I got soooo sea sick. After doing drills on top of the water, my stomach was churning. I scrammed to the boat and puked everywhere. Got back in the water because our Nazi coach said I had to finish. I swear there was a tear drop in my goggles. I can say it was the worst day of my life. Adam said the pool day was the worst day of his life.
Mexico was cool though and I actually enjoyed kickin it with the hundreds, OK maybe thousands of gay guys on the beach. Adam and drew would catch waves together and the other gay guys thought they were a couple. I'll post some pics of the dive when I get them from Walgreen's.