Sunday, November 15, 2009


I love Bankok.  Besides the heat, I could live here. The food is cheap and amazing, you have the largest market in the world, and five star hotels are under $50.    We splurged the last couple of days we were there and stayed in a four star hotel for $36. I'm not kidding, it was nicer than the W in NYC.   Our hotel before that was run by a he/she staff of 6.  The bed was hard as a rock - my belly was not having it. 
This is me at chatachuck market.  I look huge here, and to my credit, I was 6 1/2 months, not 6.  Love/hate relationship with this joint. My face was purple from the heat, but I pushed through it as long as I could to shop, and it was worth it.  I got some baby goodies, tons and tons of local designer clothes, and some xmas gifts.  When I got home, I had Amanda try on some of the clothes and they looked huge on her little body.  FYI - don't go shopping for a new wardrobe when your knocked up.  They kept on saying, "over here... we have very big size for you."  I love you Bangkok. 

kohsan road - where all the travelers become hippyized, if they aren't already.  This is where all the magic goes down.  we got all the pampered goods here including two massages a day.  One dude had me strip down in a huge room full of people before I got a massage{it was humiliating}, I laid down with a towel over my goods, oh no, he just took the towel, shook it up in the air and placed it back on my belly.  I was mortified.    
my manicure. 


After island hopping for awhile in Thailand, we decided to switch it up a little and head over to Malaysia.  Pretty much just like Thailand, but a little bit nicer and less hippies.  It seemed so much hotter here, I don't why, but I couldn't seem to ever cool down.  I'm such a fan though because there was so much to do in this joint.  We found this nature made slide/swimming hole, waterfalls, and restaurants that were organic - oasis loving havens. 

adam trying to find me with his eyes closed. 

check out those narly tree things.  the monkeys were jumping from tree to tree right above us.  The climb to this waterfall was torture. I don't know if other pregnant women are like this, but climbing stairs is like running the last leg of a marathon{like i would know how that is, sike}or trying to climb the tip of a mountain.  It nearly killed me.  But it was worth watching adam entertain himself for hours{i promise} in the pools.  He borrowed my sunglasses and put them down this little waterfall and then was going to try and search for them as a game.  Bad idea because he never found them. oh man. 

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Koh phi phi

Have you ever seen "the beach" with Leonardo? It was playing at every little cafe of the streets, it was a slam dunk with the travelers.  Koh phi phi is where the flick was filmed and it was sooo pretty.  Kind of a tourist trap with high rollers everywhere, but let me tell you, it is so worth seeing.  Brandon- our lonely planet friend- told us not to come here and all I can say is I'm glad we didn't listen to that fool.  He told us to go to baby land - ko lanta instead.   We took a snorkeling trip here and barley missed the crowds{check out those boats loaded with peeps below}.  Scram! They were packed to the rim with Asian tourists

That's a little shot of the coral. I love the colors under the sea

Monkey beach.  I don't like monkeys.  Don't get me wrong, back in the day I wanted a pet monkey just like MJ until I got attacked by a baboon in Vietnam.  Did anyone see the chimp lady on Oprah? it freaked me out, they can be mean little blood thirsty suckers. 

The foliage on monkey beach was weird because it was a mix between tropical plants and cactus, me likey

So perty! I was like starstruck when we rolled into this bay. The water was turquoise, but had little jelly fish everywhere that left our skin stinging.  
Adam took his turn with the camera for a bit.  

The sleeper boat on our way to Koh Phi Phi after six hours in a bus. Some lady got all her belongings stolen while she was sleeping so we slept with our bags under our pillows.  You see that backpack? That's all we brought. 

Friday, November 13, 2009

ko panang

Ko panang is the party island in Thailand.  It's famous for its full moon parties, where five thousand hippyized travelers creep to put on their rave.  We would wake up at 8 and we were like lone soldiers on the beach, it was totally deserted.  Then three would roll around and hippies would stagger out of their huts and play with their fire torches on the beach.  we told peeps that adam and I met traveling, got knocked up a couple months ago and now we are just   "rollin with it."  

There was this wooden thing in the water which was like a people magnet.  They couldn't get enough of it

The main ko panang strip.  It was littered with guys dressed like Jesus wearing no shoes.

If Adam wasn't married, I swear he would've run away with this ho. She worked wonders on him.  We got a massage a day because it was like $6. Suckas!
 Ko Panang was a breeding ground for rusty poodles.  It was like the twilight zone.  They ruled the joint