Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We decided to take one last trip to Idaho before the weather turned. Everytime I do the drive, I vow I will never do it again, but my memory fails me. We spent a total of five days in the car for three days on the Cocolalla lake, but it was worth it, kinda. It felt nice just to be on the road.

Kandi had this row boat restored this summer. I want one

The weather was perfect, we lucked out.

Diaper for a lake? I don't see the need.

On the way, we stopped at Mccall to check out their lake. It didn't even compare to Sandpoint, I'm spoiled.

Someone set up a driftwood sculpture on the beach. I wonder if it's our neighbor Leif at Muskrat. He has the neighborhood in a frenzy because of all of the rock sculptures he's building.

Adam set up a little bed for me in the back of the car. Me and Lulu were little road trip buddies. We picked up a tv for her that played baby Einstein. It was worth every last penny

My favorite day was when we went on the big lake. It never gets old. Lulu was a pretty good sport, even fell asleep in my arms which never ever happens.


Lacey said...

you are such a trooper! that lake looks so amazing. i love all of your pictures. i am with you, Lulu doesn't need a diaper if she is outdoors, that is what i think with my kids anyway. :)

amanda james said...

i love the money shot of lulu's boonie. Some creepster is going to love that shot. jude is going nude all summer next year.

audrey said...

love this james family!