Thursday, October 06, 2011

She was in the middle of pushing out a deuce here.

I don't know how she eats the seeds and all. She could pound this whole basket if I let her. The Japs love these grapes too. They almost died when they saw the size of my eggplants. Do we let ours grow too big here in America? I'm sure we do, but they pick them at about 5 inches.
This year, I had this great vision of a pebble pathway adorned with earthy wildflowers and grasses. Laid the path, planted the seeds and now it looks like white trash gone bad. A little too wild for both our liking, so now we are thinking about some new plans for the pathway. Maybe a simple modern ground cover, grasses, grass or wild contained landscaping? I dunno, but landscaping with bushes and flowers would be too much work and I'm worried it would look too mumbo jumbo. Help me someone! As for now, we are picking the wildflowers that emerged and we enjoy them for a couple of days before they wilt


jmb said...

I love those flowers! You're so lucky they grow right in your yard! Our yard is worthless right now because we moved in past planting season

Sarah M said...

hang in there. you'll forget these days soon enough. the worst side effect of the zofran, for me, was the constipation. i didn't poop for nine months practically. it freaked me out.
this is the worst. sorry.

birds do it better... said...

oh my gosh, this sarah chick is my twin. I clicked to make a comment to tell you to freaking get some ZOFRAN, but to watch out for poop backup. but it is sooooo worth not felling sick. I puked in the trash can during surgery, and a doctor handed me a zofran tablet. within 20 minutes i was doing heel-clicks down the halls. it is a miracle drug. get some fiber gummies and youre all set. im so excited for LULU JR!! I hope you have another girl, she is too cute not to duplicate. congrats!!
ps. I ment to talk to you at teri's wedding but you disappeared like a ghost! didnt blame ya, you were a trooper for even showing up.

audrey said...

whenever i see pix of lulu, i feel like she and i would get along really well one day. is that weird? a little bit. maybe it's bc i see/read about you, and feel the same way--that we'd get along really well if i knew you better : ) one day : ) xo.