Friday, November 04, 2011


These are the only pictures that turned out from Halloween. I had a busy weekend attending a life drawing workshop, so Monday was kind of like a scramble to catch up. When we first started trick or treating, Lulu was super shy, but after she got some sugar in her, it was like a whole new little person. She was so drugged up and was no longer afraid of strangers. I don't know if thats a good thing, um, don't take candy from strangers, in the future. After Teenys, we dressed up and went to get a scare out of grandma. The boys went up to the door with two other random teenage punks and told them to just play along. Adam and cubby kept on taking candy and Roselle started geting really mad and told them to "scram, beat it! " She grabbed adams hand and had the death grip on him with her sharp nails. She got a good laugh when she found out who the tricksters were. For the rest of the night, she called Lulu a boy no matter how many times I told her otherwise and I think she thought Jude was a girl

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Frances said...

Grandma is so tough. I would cry if some punks were messing with me. Not grandma, she'd claw their eyes out. I'm glad you're feeling better. I have that same problem when I first get pregnant that healthy food sounds awful to me, I always want soda too for some reason. Like Dr.Pepper or Orange soda and I never drink that. I wonder why the body does that.