Saturday, December 10, 2011

snorkeling trip

One of my favorite days was when we took a mini snorkeling trip to the surrounding islands. We left Lulu behind with a babysitter we found. I know a little sketchy, but I wasn't scared. They were the nicest people out and they showed her a good time. When we got home to Lulu, she was playing in the street with some other rug rats and the babysitters had fed her a feast of sugar. She latched onto me pretty tight and I was like, OK I won't leave you again little one. So, for the rest of the trip we were kind of in baby prison. Adam went scuba diving one day, but I had to stay behind.

yes, blackmail you might say. This picture really doesn't do my belly justice. It's so much bigger, it must be the gravity of the water or something like that.

This part of the snorkeling trip was kind of worthless. They dropped us off here for an hour and wouldn't let us use our masks, so everyone was stuck on the beach. By the end, more and more boats docked and it became a mini hippy party. Some people even whipped out their fire throw sticks and went to town. It was pure comedy. Everyone was stoked to be here because it was where they filmed "The Beach" with Leonardo(my long lost love when he looked like he was 12).

We got to monkey beach this time around when the tide was high, so the hopes of hanging on the beach with all the grubbing monkeys was a no show. I didn't mind, monkeys still scare me silly.
Koh Phi Phi. Sure is pretty

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