Friday, April 29, 2011

lulu 15 months

Lulu update 15 months

Lulu is still our little delight. She seems to brighten my everyday. I am in the process of weaning her right now and it has been so much harder than I thought it would be. I'm sick of not being able to fit into my clothes and I do think it's also time to move on. She has said her first two words, the first being "dog," and the second, "hi." It melts me, she's so cute. But, she is still not walking. I think she is scared of falling.

other things about Lulu are: she knows how to do the sign for "more"
Food she likes: our green shakes, oatmeal,

loves to dance and swings one arm while she stomps a foot and shakes her head from side to side. She is a big observer, watches every little thing I do. Her favorite stuffed animal in a brown ikea bunny, which she holds as her dearest side kick. besides her bunny, she lives for our cat,"dulche" and any other animal that makes his way to our yard. My mom said she has never seen a baby take to the outdoors like lulu. she crawls out of the door while I am gardening and plays with shovels, and the cat.

here are her stats from her checkups:
2 month- weight: 10.87lb 48%, length 24 inch 94%
4 month- weight: 12.88lb 28%, length 25.5 inch 87%
6 month- weight: 14.4lb 25%, length 27.5 inch 97%
9 month- weight: 16.3 lb 9%, length 28.5 inch 79%
12 month- weight: 18.4lb 7%, length 3o.2 inch 76%
15 month- weight: 19.3lb 5%, length 31 inch 72%

Monday, April 25, 2011


the only pictures I took on Easter. Poor Lulu has been teething and constipated for weeks, she was pretty checked out

Easter was a blur this year, kind of a bust too. Baskets were a last minute and pretty pathetic attempt on both our parts, and I didn't get anything for Lulu. We are such slackers. So, Adam was at his parents house(so I thought) and I'm alone in the house when I hear footsteps and someone creeping around. I freaked out and started thinking how I'm going to claw their eyes out when they try to rape me and if I have time to make it to the gun (yes we have a gun, luckily it's in the safe, but I forgot the code). I look downstairs, nothing. I turn my back and look again and there is Adam standing in the living room. I almost had a heart attack. Turns out he was hiding my Easter basket, so I couldn't be mad. Then, we search for the hidden baskets. It takes Adam all of 3 minutes to find his. I'm still looking, still looking, 30 minutes pass. I give up. Tell me where it is! Sorry. Is it inside? yep. On the first floor? yep. Still can't find it. Then, I see it, in the cat house outside. I was mad because he broke the rules and hid it outside. He said he didn't officially break them because you could see it from inside, but I beg to differ. See what I mean? A bust. But, it ended up being good after we had an adult egg hunt for money at kandi's and a feast for kings. We stuffed ourselves like it was thanksgiving and we all wanted to take naps afterwards.
Turns out Amanda and I were led to believe as kids that there was no Easter bunny at all, just Jeannie filling our baskets with socks, toothpaste, and sale items(with the price tags still on of coarse). What deprived kids we were. Amanda was so intrigued, she asked Cubby all kinds of questions like, how big was the rabbit? did it have long fur? Could it talk? Kind of funny and sad at the same time. Amanda and I should be pros about the bunnies, we bred and raised herds of them in our backyard as kids.

One of my instructors from college, Paul David, received lulu's announcement and was inspired to paint her. I can't imagine painting something more cliche or challenging, but he managed to do it with perfection. He gave it to us as a gift and I couldn't be happier! What a treasure.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

CuteWinFail: Baby on a Mission

We watched this clip on Conan the other night and I almost peed my pants. what a cool little nugget

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The dog I never had

I see you
Working out in the yard this spring has been my heaven. I've never seen Adam sweat more or work harder, he uses his spare time trimming trees, bushes and creating trails. Lulu is like the dog I never had, oh wait, I've had three and they were all crumbs. But really, she cries when I open the door because she wants to crawl in the weeds or under the car. Jeannie said she's never seen anything like it, and considering she birthed 9 0f us, it holds some kind of credibility. Although, the outdoors serve some risks. Just for example, Lulu was crawling around for a couple of minutes, and she was being suspiciously quiet, so when I checked on her,oh nothing to fear, just a life threatening saw chain around her neck. Yep. The second time, she was crawling under the car, and to be honest, I didn't care none. Adam saw her feet and had a look of horror. I'll tell you whats scary. Daycare at goldsgym. Not only is that place a cesspool for every virus, it is a kidnappers dream come true. There are too many runts to count. I don't know who I feel bad for most, the kids or the 3 overworked employees.

The yard

Our yard is beginning to look a little, well white trash. I bought these green get ups on craigslist and they junked our yard up real quick. When the grass gets longer in the summer, you can just see the very tips of the chairs, it's so ghetto. So, right now we are thinking of leveling out the weeds, and then spreading some kind of shorter wild grass that we can play on. Adam has his work cut out for him. He has been clipping branches and the bushes(we call them sleeping beauty bushes because they are thick, wild and murderous) and clearing out a view to the river from below. I don't know what it is, but I like seeing a man work with his hands. hmmm hmmm

An area Adam cleared out last fall, It used to look like the bushes behind it.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

little monkey

videoJust a reminder of what a lemon I am. Baby went around doing this after Adam and I were sick for weeks.
It's true. I'm a scout leader. Possibly the worst calling ever. We have 8 crazy, ADD boys to babysit . This is my neighbor Mara, they have a goat just for the laughs. He jumped on the tramp with us and clicked his heels off the rocks. After our boys scarfed their gushers, the goat went around and ate the wrappers. What a cool pet. Adam is thinking of getting a packing goat to haul our gear when we camp, I don't think it's such a bad idea.

The river is flowing. That means spring is near, I hope. My favorite thing to do these days is to hang out by the river, even though it is freezing. When Adam is on baby duty, he brings Lu down here and hangs out until I come home.
They sure is cute I reckon

Pride and Prejudice in Alpine

anyone want in?
Amandas neighborhood is a petting zoo. Lulu was amused, which made me fully entertained. We tried to get some exercise so we walked, and walked and before we knew it, we were both freezing and it was getting dark. Cubby ended up picking us up and we drove around for the next 3o minutes spotting deer and coyotes.
I was a little scared of this llama because a) don't they spit? and b) I didn't want it to bite my arm off despite those long pretty eye lashes convincing me otherwise. Amanda has talked about getting a llama until she saw one of her neighbors with a breeding ground of llamas with dirt mounds, poo and garbage everywhere.

Flying with a baby is torture. Even though this flight to Mexico was only three hours, it felt like 8. Every time I tried to listen to music or watch TV, Lulu would rip the earphones out of my ears. I finally gave in and did nothing but stare out the window. It tested my ADD skills to the limit.

Our neighbor had a baby shower the other day and this was the dessert, It was too cute to eat, well almost. I'm such a pack rat, I saved the baby and thought about what I could use the tree for.
Back in the college days, I never had time to watch movies. Now it seems like we watch one every week on this bad boy. Adam just got a projector screen installed, so now it's on.

Friday, April 01, 2011

New York New York

Last weekend we went to NY for Adams work. Amanda came along to keep me company and we had a grand old time carting around our little ones and looking at art. I regretted not bringing a camera, but at least I had my iphone to take these spy pictures. Jessica gave us a master list of things to do, which ended up saving us because we would have just ended up walking in circles. I'm sad we didn't make it to red hook, but we managed to squeeze in all types of goods. The railroad park in Chelsea was among my favorites, the Moma and the Brooklyn flea market. I'm pretty sure we spent just as much time in the museum store than we did in the museum. We met up with Jaime a couple of times and she was a champ to help with the runts. Now that we are home, when I think of our trip, all I can remember is the food. Breastfeeding makes me into such a little pork chop. How old is Lulu you might ask? She's still breastfeeding? Yep. Every time I try to wean, I come up with a really good excuse. Lulu never gets sick, it's so convenient, but when it comes down to it, I know what I gotta do. Who knows though, maybe I'll just breastfeed until the next runt comes and I'll never have a period again. Help me! I can't stop!
Amanda and I spent our precious moments shopping at trader joes and whole foods. I lost at least a year of my life from the whole foods at Union square. What a nightmare. The grocery store by our place had prices from the moon. Who do they think we are? Rich? A tiny thing of baby food was $3.50. A small 4 egg carton= $4.00.

The poor soul that was sandwiched between Adam, baby and I. She had a death grip on his cast and didn't want to come to mama.
We did a house swap with a lady in greenwich village. It was a two story apartment on the Hudson. We got hooked up, and even though the apartment was nice, she was the master scrapper. Everything was hanging by a thread and smelled like smoke. I'm a scrapper and I think I can hang, but really lady? It reminded me of the days growing up at Jeannies. The fans were black from dust accumulated for decades. The daughter had a chinchilla upstairs and they gave us the rodent towels to use! I dry heaved in the toilet after getting a sniff of my towel. Amanda shut the door upstairs and the whole thing crumbled. It came off the hinges and the wood was all skiddlywampus. We never met the lady, but I did meet her blond wig and spring shoes in her closet. After staying in our house, she probably thinks I'm a hoarder in the making. A 28 year old with a basement and garage full of who knows what.
We spent our late nights watching "I survived" and cold case files. I scary. We all carried the plague

The spotted pig. The wait was 4 hours, but worth it, I think.

They need to work on the presentation skills. It tastes a lot better than it looks, I promise.
Twig terrariums at the flea market. Don't you worry, Amanda and I have already made a couple of our own

She has been mimicking everything Adam and I do lately. She's like a little monkey. I was sick for like three weeks straight and now she just crawls around the house all day with a kleenex blowing her nose. Yep, I'm a lemon alright. Other stuff she does... cleans with rags, brushes her hair(all three of them), talks on the phone, digs in the dirt with a shovel, puts on clothes, hats and sunglasses. Now I am realizing that I need to be on my best behavior. No more smut watching
Joan Miro
Alejandro Otero

Pierre Bonnard
right before I got in trouble for ditching the stroller to take some photos.


Willem De Kooning
hang in there soldier

Phillip Guston
Clyfford Still

Alfred Leslie
Sam Francis

the MOMA gardens are so pretty. My taste with landscaping is becoming more minimal with lots of greens.

Amanda and I got in trouble for taking pictures of this terrarium. I wanna make one for me casa
A pretty living room from "Brooklyn Lofts"
I just couldn't spend $10 on an eraser, but it sure is cool.

Bobbi and D came to NY for their anniversary and ended up staying with us for a night. Poor soldiers slept on the couches instead of the nannys bed because it was riddled with disease. They woke up with broken backs and booked a hotel right then and there. We all went to gallery stroll one night and it was so big time.

One of the galleries I made a point of visiting was the j cacciola gallery. We got lucky because Alex Kanevsky's wife was having a show the same night, so we were able to talk to him at the opening.
We also went to a lot of photo galleries. Aperture was among my favorites, the artist showing had large hand printed photographs of trees that were stunning.

Did I mention it was freezing cold? wah wah

Sze Tsung Leong was showing his work at a gallery in Chelsea, he is one of my favorites.
Moments before the bed tumbled and broke into pieces. Master scrapper had her bed balancing on these little twigs and a few screws. We couldn't believe the contraption she put together. Adam worked his magic and fixed it up real nice

little gnome

Let's make this

The first day on the streets, it rained and snowed. I was sick as a dog with some flu strand and Amanda witnessed one of my melt downs. It was really embarassing, but I was pushed to my limit. There is something unexplainable that happends when your baby cries. It is like nails on a chalkboard. I don't know what pushed me over the edge.. the crying, the snow, or the plague, but it was not pretty.
Amanda had this gnome outfit for jr. that was worth it just for the laughs.
Let's make these

Rainier was such a little angel the whole trip. He made me baby hungry. Just look at that face. I could get used to having baby on my lap, or breastfeeding while we drive. This taxi driver was driving like a bat out of hell.

The stuartist was extra nice, (considering they usually have additude) and took this picture of babies sleeping
We were laughing so hard at this picture because it looks like Adam has a stub. Lulu only sleeps if she is strapped in, it was a rough road to get her sleeping let me tell you.