Monday, January 02, 2012

We were always the earliest risers. 8 am you would think the island was abandoned, but by 3, stragglers start making their way to the beaches, most laying out and others doing karate and handstands, or playing soccer. Its pure entertainment. Adam is not a lay-outer. He gets real bored, real fast. So, he started digging these holes to trap Lulu in for some entertainment. One time, he was digging really deep and saw something kind of odd, like a stick, and went to grab it and it was like a snake/slug thing that slithered and disappeared into the depths of the sand. It traumatized him.

The last 3- four days on Koh Phi phi were sad because I came down with the flu. It was pretty miserable I won’t lie. I walked around like a zombie with the rest of the hung-over hippies and laid in bed half the day. Lulu didn’t get sick until the very end of our trip, but now her and Adam are on their death bed. On the airplane ride home, my sinuses were kicking in and I thought my head was going to explode. Before the trip, I called adam the master lemon because he’s always sick, but I took the cake this trip, it was my karma for calling him a lemon.

All by myself..
those hippies were entertaining themselves(and me) for hours doing handstands and karate on the beach.
Let's just hope that young pup isn't carrying rabies

Our favorite massage parlor. One of the times when we were getting massages, this guy came in and they shuffled him into the corner, giggling, and shut the curtains. I was like, Ok, I know what's going on, getting a little happy ending are we? Turns out he was getting the full wax treatment. We are talking armpits, back, down under, you name it. I don't like it, I like guys with a little hair on their legs and chest.
Adam would have taken his girl home if he could. She was a 60 year old something with hands as strong as an ox. He was in love. I think the feelings were mutual too.
See those flowers and goodies above the mirror? They give thanks to Buddha everyday by giving fruit and flower sacrifices.

The locals thought we were crazy for staying so close to the beach because at night this is where all the magic happens. It turns into a full rave and it is almost impossible to sleep through the music.

Lulu's Thai friend was the most popular girl in town. She was so precious

We were giving lulu these everyday and then I found out they dump a whole pound of sugar and some local water in the concoction. Oops.

I love this picture

I look like deaths doorstep and so does Lulu. Both of us came down with something rotten and were hanging on by a thread. We called it the tornado because it seemed to have a trace of every sickness I've ever had. Chills, headache, sore throat, sinus... the list goes on. I was such a bump on a log


Megan Thompson said...

oh my gosh... U poor chap, that sounds awful being sick sucks as it is... being a mom and sick is worse and being on vacay tops them all. U don't look sick at all, u pretty thing. I love all these photos so beautiful!!! I have that same sickness now! yuc.

amanda james said...

i love these pictures! Lulu is so precious. the tornado sickness never leaves!

amanda james said...

that snake thing n the sand is haunting cubby's dreams

Frances said...

Such good pictures. Lulu is so beautiful.